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    Barclay Personnel is one of only 10 National Association of Personnel Services Accredited Firms nationwide. With more than 50 years of recruitment and executive staffing experience in the placement industry, Barclay Personnel Systems has the background, knowledge, and talent to meet all of your employment needs.

    The fact that we have built a candidate pool that defines our ability to get you the right professional in the least amount of time and aggravation. Our collective team of staffing and recruitment professionals has over 50 years in this business and our retention rate speaks for itself. They have weathered the best of times and the most challenging economies since the great depression, and through it all, have grown stronger. Our personnel staffing agency has the deepest candidates resources to bring you the best and brightest employees in their field within various industries.

    In a world where promises are changed at the blink of an eye, we are constantly chipping away at our core to assure our clients the benefits they rightly deserve. We have seen every imaginable scenario unfold in front of our eyes. Our guided principals put an end to the ambiguous double speak that is so prevalent in our business. Our agreements are concise and easily understood.

    Recruiting and staffing is our passion and our recruitment company prides itself in bringing you the candidate(‘s) you need accurately and efficiently. That is a Barclay Personnel System’s promise!

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