Samantha Marin

The Queen of Candidates

Samantha Marin is a recruitment specialist that strives for perfection and a job well done. Samantha helps you to grab your job opportunity and she simply will not settle for anything less than 100% from herself or anyone else. Working with candidates and prepping them every step of the way is something that comes very naturally to her.

Samantha started at Barclay as an intern in high school and quickly became an integral part of running our office smoothly. Fortunately she stayed on with us as she worked her way through college, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business with a concentration in Human Resource Management.

Meet Miss Peru

She has a soft spot for pitbulls and a desire to rescue every one she sees. Her Peruvian accent makes for some very fun pronunciations which we now call “Samantha-isms”. She has also been known to binge watch Netflix shows on her lunch break and is always up for ordering take-out at any time; she’d never heard of Boy George before 2016.